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  • Full-time - 185
  • Part-time - 200 to 400 (seasonal)
  • Volunteers - 75 to 200 (seasonal)


Approximately 1 million visitors annually.

Animal Collection Facts

Animal Collection Totals

519 species

  • The Fort Worth Zoo currently houses 42 endangered species in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' (AZA) Species Survival Plan ©.


59 species

  • The only Zoo in the nation to house representatives of all four Great Ape species — gorillas, orangutans, bonobos and chimpanzees
  • Only Texas zoo and one of nine zoos in the nation to house bonobos (pygmy chimps)
  • The Fort Worth Zoo houses two of the five rhino species in captivity: black and one-horned Asian rhinos.
  • International leader in Asian elephant conservation


129 species

  • Recipient of 1989 AVY award from the American Federation of Agriculture for the successful management of roseate spoonbills and hatching more of this species than any other zoo
  • Recipient of 1989 AVY award for establishing a black-necked swan population in captivity through breeding and managing the swans to third generation
  • The only zoo to hatch and consistently breed lesser flamingos since 2001
  • One of eight zoos in the nation to house the endangered Harpy eagle
  • One of five zoos in the nation to display the African crowned eagle
  • One of two zoos in the nation to breed saddle-billed storks


177 species

  • One of the largest collections of reptiles in the United States
  • Recipient of the coveted Bean Award in 1988 for arboreal boid propagation
  • Spearheads international conservation effort to save the Jamaican iguana, the most endangered lizard in the world; recipient of the prestigious International Conservation Award in 2000 for the Jamaican iguana conservation program
  • Boasts a unique, large reptile complex exhibiting endangered Komodo dragons and gharial crocodiles
  • Has reproduced more than 180 taxa (species or sub-species) of reptiles/amphibians since 1971 — more than 30 represent first captive breedings in North America

Please note: The total number of species in the Zoo's animal collection includes 154 fish and invertebrates.


The Fort Worth Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).